Islamic History Project
Islamic History Project


Decolonising Muslim Minds Podcast

Decolonising Muslim Minds is a three part podcast that discusses what decolonisation looks like for British Muslims. Muslims have experienced a unique colonial experience which requires the Muslim community to partake in difficult conversations to disrupt the colonised mindsets we have inherited and understand the external pressures that are constructing us. 

Episode 1: Decolonising Muslim Minds with Guest Wajeeda 


Episode 2: Islamic Unity & the Muslim Ummah with Guest Davina Kanani

Islamic History Project: Al Andalus Series for Ramadan Radio FM 

Listen to an in depth explanation of the history of Al Andalus, a golden era of Islamic civilization that carried Europe out of darkness and into the enlightenment. This series goes through the success of the Muslims in the field of science, medicine, architecture and scholarship. This series includes great discussions from our guest speakers who draw upon the lessons of Al Andalus and how they can be applied in today’s context.